by Petra Cross

Designed in San Francisco. Dishwasher safe. Vacuum insulated. Reusable. TUMBLER.



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Just what you need

It’s easy. It’s practical. It’s beautiful. It won’t shatter. It won’t sweat. It will maintain your drink temperature. You can use it at home or outdoors. Roll in style to your favorite barista and save a paper cup!


Hot or cold? Both! And Santa approves!

Vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel tumbler maintains your drinks warm for up to three hours or cold for up to nine hours. You can keep sipping on your wine as slowly as you want and it will stay nice and cold. Or you can make a batch of mulled wine and spread the Holiday cheer!


Commuter coffee, tea, wine, you name it!

Vacuum insulation keeps your favorite hot drink warm until you finish drinking it. Perfect for morning car commute or cold winter days. Bring it with you to your favorite barista and reduce paper cup waste.



Take it with you camping, glamping, or just for a walk through your favorite outdoor space.


Meet the designer

Meet Petra Cross. Petra has a 13 year engineering career at Google. Along with two ventures selling her art and photography services, she has the right set of skills to produce highly functional and utilitarian products that are also beautiful and desirable.

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It’s official

Petra inspires women to be more confident and ambitious, whether’s it’s in the world of engineering or in any other field. This November 2018, Petra talked to 500 women at Marie Claire Dream Big conference in Prague about the importance of talking about one’s accomplishments, something that is especially difficult for women and often looked down upon. And what’s a better place to announce Petra Verre than a room full of fabulous women!